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The Brand New 'Vapour' Rugby Shirt from Olorun Sports

Our new Vapour jersey encapsulates all that is Welsh. Pride, passion, and endeavour. Crossing the frontiers from the North Wales mountains to the south wales valleys, with a backdrop of the fortress that is the Principality Stadium, this jersey ignites and stirs every emotion.

Eye-catching and innovative designs combined with cutting edge performance fabrics; welcome to Olorun's rugby world.

Made by Olorun this professional quality sublimated rugby top has been designed for a bold and unique look to make you stand out in the crowd. Perfect for both on and off the rugby field.


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Russ Clarke-Wildeman July 20, 2017 0 tags (show)

Watch: Ref Owens gives ball boy a yellow card!

Referee Nigel Owens gives the ball boy a yellow card after being hit by a ball in Leinster's win against Scarlets.

WATCH VIDEO HERE >> http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/39170280

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Russ Clarke-Wildeman March 06, 2017 1 tags (show)

What does sublimated mean?

When we describe a product as sublimated, we are referring to a process by which dyes are applied to the fabric. The dye-sublimation printing process uses heat to transfer dye onto the fabric and because the dyes bond very well with polyester it is possible to print bright, well-defined images.

Logos, names and numbers can be printed onto the product at the same time, which means there is no additional cost for these customisations.

Browse our products that are sublimated.


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Debbie Kosy September 01, 2015 0 tags (show)

New Site, New Kit Designs

After a whole year of hard work, our new website is here! We've designed it to get you your kit even faster than we used to - an easy three step process. Plus we're finally able to show you our new kit designs, and whole new ranges (women's kit at last!). Bear with us while we bed it in, and don't hesitate to give us a ring (01267 233737) if there are any problems!

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Liam McGee July 15, 2015 0 tags (show)


Fleece is a modern hi-tech knitted fabric designed to provide insulation for very little weight. Fleeces dry quickly and are breathable.

How can I judge the quality of a fleece?

Good quality fleece has a plush, soft and silky handle and if you hold it up to the light you’ll see that light does not pass through it. Cheap fleece feels less plush, and it’s thinner.

Cheap fleece will also quickly ‘pill’ with washing (i.e. the fibres start to stick together and the surface becomes clumpy, ‘bobbly’ and not so soft feeling). To tell if a fleece will pill, look carefully at the surface of the fabric. Do the fibres lie along the surface, like felt, or do they stand up, away from the core of the fabric? Fibres in cheaper fleeces lie down and the fabric has a felt-like feel. With wear the fibres roll up together and pill.

Browse our items made of Fleece.

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Debbie Kosy July 14, 2015 0 tags (show)

Peached fabric

Peaching is a finishing process we use on the polycotton for our drill tops. After weaving, fabric is stretched while drying. This is when it takes on its stability. While drying the fabric is ‘peached’ by being brushed with abrasive rollers. These very gently break some of the small fibres on the outside of the fabric, or tease fibres out. If you could look at a peached fabric under a microscope it would look a bit hairy. It’s called peaching because it’s supposed to make the fabric feel like the fur on a peach. This process gives a fabric a nice, soft feel and makes it more comfortable to wear.

Our Iconic Training Shorts are designed using this fabric.

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Debbie Kosy July 14, 2015 0 tags (show)

What does windproof mean?

Windproof fabric is fabric that doesn’t let the wind through. They are very useful for keeping you warm. Even though they may be thin and not very warm on their own, windproofs keep in all the insulating air trapped by inner layers of clothes, which otherwise gets blown away. Fabrics are made windproof by weaving them very tightly, so that the gaps between the threads are too small for air to pass through at speed.Our range of Engage Shorts are all made of windproof material.

Products made with Taslan also have windproof properties.

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Debbie Kosy July 14, 2015 0 tags (show)

What does showerproof mean?

Showerproof fabric is fabric that resists water. You could pour a glass of water over it and watch the liquid simply form beads and run off. However for a garment to be completely waterproof it must have its seams specially sealed on the inside and a protected zip, so that rain cannot get inside at all. This, of course adds to the cost of the item, so it’s not something to build in unless you need it to function in heavy rain. You won’t usually be wearing your training gear climbing mountains in torrential downpours, so we haven’t added these features. However, you should find they protect you against all but heavy rain, allowing you to keep training despite the British weather.

Browse our range of showerproof products:

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Made-to-order – e.g. hand made by a tailor to your exact measurements, or, in this case, specially made to the exact colour combinations you want, so you can specify the colour of every single panel in the shirt.

Colour combinations available, e.g. if a shirt is available in red with white stripes, or black with blue stripes, that’s two colourways.

A measure of the thickness and weight of a fibre. Whatever 9000m of the fibre weighs, in grams, is its denier. So 9000m of one denier fibre weighs 1 gram.

is a high-tech knitted fabric that provides insulation while staying light. Fleeces dry quickly and are breathable.

is a term used in the textile industry to describe the way a fabric feels. For example, a ’soft handle’ means the fabric feels very soft to the touch. The handle comes from a combination of the properties of the yarn and sometimes special finishing processes used after the fabric has been knitted or woven.

Zigzag stitching along the edges of fabric to prevent fraying and bind the edges of the fabric together. Because of the zigzag shape of the stitches, the overlocking will hold however much the seam stretches, but if unprotected the seam itself will break.

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Debbie Kosy July 14, 2015 0 tags (show)

All about Mesh Lining and Panels

Many of our products feature meshing, either as mesh panels on the sides of each garment or as a special mesh lining. Mesh helps let air circulate to increase ventilation so you can cool down and get rid of sweat more quickly.

The panels and lining are made of a knitted fabric so they give good stretch and freedom of movement. The knit is very open so air can circulate freely, cooling and carrying away moisture. They are also made from a wicking polyester fabric which helps to carry away moisture and is very quick drying.

Browse some of our products made using meshing and mesh panels, even some of our socks!


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Debbie Kosy July 14, 2015 0 tags (show)

Shirts, jackets and tops sizes - Men's:

Size Name Chest Measurement (inches)
Youth 32” to 34”
Small 34” to 36”
Medium 38” to 40”
Large 42” to 44”
X-Large 46” to 48”
2X-Large 50” to 52”
3X-Large 54” to 56”
4X-Large 58" to 60"
5X-Large 62” to 63”
6X-Large 64” to 65”
7X-Large 66” to 67”

Shirts, jackets and tops sizes - Women's

Size Name Equivalent Size Chest Measurement (inches)
6 Youth 30” to 32”
8 Youth 32” to 33”
10 Small 33” to 34”
12 Small 34” to 36”
14 Medium 36” to 38”
16 Medium 38” to 40”
18 Large 40” to 42”
20 Large 42” to 44”
22 Large 44” to 46”

Shirts, jackets and tops sizes - Children's

Size Name Chest Measurement (inches)
Small Boy 26” to 28”
Medium Boy 28” to 30”
Large Boy 30” to 32”

Trousers and shorts sizes

Size Name Waist Measurement (inches)
Small Boy 24”
Medium Boy 24” to 26”
Large Boy 26” to 28”
Youth 28” to 30”
Small 30” to 32”
Medium 32” to 34”
Large 36” to 38”
X-Large 40” to 42”
2X-Large 44”
3X-Large 46”

Sock sizes

Size Name Description
Small Size 1-3
Medium Size 4-7
Large Size 8-11

What if I get the wrong size by accident?

If the items are not customised, if you wish to return an item for exchange, please contact us within seven days of receipt of item. Returned items must be accompanied by a copy of your paid invoice and be accompanied by original packaging. You should arrange for a return courier where possible. After we have established that the item is unused and undamaged, you will be refunded the entire sales price (excluding original cost of delivery) or provided with an exchange garment. All goods must be complete with original packaging. If you are in any doubt, please contact us.

About the measurements

The measurements in these charts refer to the size of the person, not the size of the garment. For example a small shirt is designed to fit a person of chest size 34" to 36".